The ACTI range for water treatment is also available for spas

ACTI, the complete range of water treatments for pools and spas, has launched its website ( in 8 languages. It describes, in an instructive manner, the procedures to follow for the maintenance of pool or spa water.

Besides an overview of the extensive range of treatments, the site offers tips on maintenance, fact sheets for resolving dose adjustment problems, and also instructions for the use of products. Visitors can also send their questions to Xavier Darok, Doctor in Chemistry.

The special acti SPA collection offers a range of products meant for water treatments specific to spas:

- For disinfecting, the bromine treatment product, acti SPA BROME LONG SPA, comes in the form of tablets, disinfects the spa and gets rid of all bacteria, viruses and fungus.

- In case a major cleaning up is needed for green or cloudy water, BROME SHOCK is recommended.

- To prevent algae, lime-scale and corrosion, acti SPA EAU ÉCLATANTE provides a clarifying non-foaming triple-action solution, packaged in one-litre bottles.

- In the "water balance" family of products, the PH Moins, PH Plus formulas in powder form in tins of 1.5 kg, regulate the pH levels of the spa water.

- The natural clarifier, acti CLARIFIANT SPA, resulting from green chemistry, may be a product to be considered as well.

- On the " spa cleaning" side, the water-line cleaner in one-litre cans is very easy to use, undiluted, and is applied with a simple sponge.

The site gives detailed descriptions and dosages for all these products, with safety instructions to be followed when using certain solutions.

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