SCP UK supports its customers during lockdown

We will therefore continue to be open for business

Further to the announcements by the Prime Minister of the lockdown extension for a furthur 3 weeks , SCP UK continues to comply with directives by the government and we are running  with the necessary skeleton staff essential to our Distribution business. Within this framework we are practising social distancing within the warehouse and office premises as well as other measures including  self-isolation where necessary. We have now shut our Trade Counter from entry and trade customers  are only able to “pick up “ their orders from a designated zone within the outside of our premises .

 We will therefore continue to  be open for business under the above parameters and customers will be able to make contact with any employee via email or by phone to the sales office at either Gatwick or Basildon and despatches will continue from the warehouse.

 To reinforce this below are some additional points to note  :-

 1) Order taking: via Pool360 in priority or via the sales force or the After sales service by email or by phone.

 2) Pick up counter: Your orders can be picked up in the drive in bay now running in the main warehouse . This is in a designated zone  where you can identify and pick up orders while implementing the social distancing rules. Ideally by appointment times.

 3) Shipments by our own truck and third party  carriers: We have this operational and kerbside and at drop off points . For third party carriers their rules will additionally apply. Returns will be according to restrictions imposed by our partner carriers.

 4) Technical support: Our team is still available to answer your calls and support your business (consisting of Trevor Miller and Mark Titmus .). Site visits will be selective and only once cleared to visit as essential work in a safe enviornmnet.

 5) Sales force : The entire Sales Force is mobilised to provide you with commercial and technical support to take your orders as well as answer all your questions relating to organisation, security and the exceptional procedures in force.

 The government continues to monitor the situation and give guidance and directives which SCP will continue to comply with and we will keep you updated from time to time.

 We as a company are cooperating fully with the UK government in the fight against COVID-19 and have all the controls in place to ensure that the well being of our employees, customers and partners are not compromised in any way.

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