SCP Photo Contest: Announcing the Winner of the 1st Edition

Every pool is a work of art and deserves recognition.

Art is can be found in the creativity of the project, in the exclusivity of the materials, and in the realization of the work.

To reward pool builders’ creations, SCP Europe organised a photographic competition exclusively for SCP professional clients from all over Europe.

Using a dedicated portal - - SCP clients can upload projects, vote for others, and collect their own votes. Starting in October 2019 and ending in July 2020, promotional efforts on social media by local operators, SCP clients were invited to submit photos of successful pool projects for recognition.

The participation in this 1st edition of the contest was respectable and the competition was fierce. Over 50 projects were submitted from: Portugal, France, Italy, and Germany. But in the end, the victory went to an Italian pool professional, who set themselves apart for the originality of the design and the elegance of the pool, perfectly set in the surrounding landscape.

A heartfelt thanks to to all SCP clients who participated in the competition, with the curiosity and desire for the future that characterises every new initiative.

The project that obtained the highest number of votes and notoriety was created by Piscine Design by Vincenzo Mistretta, a young and dynamic company located in Alcamo in the province of Trapani, Italy.

The pool is made of Busatta ribbed steel panels with light grey Proflex PVC liner, Superpool filtration system and an electrolysis water treatment system.

Simple and essential lines, beach entrance, quality materials and valuable accessories, combined with great professional reliability as well as experience gained in the field and with training: this is the art of Vincenzo Mistretta.

The award was presented with under innovative conditions: General Manager Marco Palmolungo and Sales Director Massimiliano Lunari, connected in video conference, presented the prize through the Busatta programme manager, Francesco Fontana, who physically met the winner in his Alcamo shop.

SCP Italy has stated that they are proud to award this European prize to an Italian; in particular, Piscine Design represents excellence, ability and concreteness, style and all-Italian taste.

At first surprise and emotion, then pride and satisfaction made the eyes of Vincenzo, owner of Piscine Design, and Federica, his wife and sales manager, shine:

“Every day we get up and go to work with passion for what we do and it is this passion that leads us to achieve such prestigious goals. We have faith in the people and the quality of SCP's products. This gives us the serenity of having an excellent result and therefore a satisfied customer.”

Art must evoke emotions and SCP clients know how to do so.



Stay tuned for the next edition of the SCP Photo Contest in 2021 with even more chances to win!

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