SCP Europe Offers a Wealth of Knowledgeable Pool Services

SCP Europe specializes in the distribution of swimming pools, spas, and wellness equipment. With 16 branches and a large inventory available across the continent, we can provide immediate assistance to our customers.

At SCP Europe, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers. When you work with us, you’ll have a dedicated team to support your project from start to finish. 

Here are just some of the ways we support our clients, which will allow you to offer superior support to your own clients.

Technical After-Sales Support 

As part of our ongoing customer dedication, we will provide assistance throughout your project. After you place your order and receive your merchandise, you can rely on us to answer any questions and guide your next steps. We proudly offer a team of product support experts in each agency, trained for the following missions:

  • To train you on technical products you are unfamiliar with or that require extra support 
  • To advise you on technical choices for specialised projects (home automation - public procurement) 
  • To assess the situation in the event of a technical dispute and act as a link between you, your customer, and the manufacturer. 

SCP Academy

At SCP Europe, we’re mindful of the importance of specialisation in our market. That’s why we run a top-notch training centre to help you improve your knowledge and experience. Experts in a variety of services, and at all levels of experience, have attended trainings with SCP Academy, including:

  • Swimming pool professionals (builders, installers, maintenance agents, in-store salespeople) 
  • Staff in charge of the maintenance of collective swimming pools 

Since its inception in 2016, SCP Academy has welcomed hundreds of trainees on important topics such as:

  • Water treatment: Water balance, preventing problems and protecting installed equipment, and water analysis using ACTISOFT software 
  • Spa maintenance: Technical prerequisites, spa components, maintenance and repair 
  • Spa sales: Making the sale, negotiation techniques, principles and codes of commercial communication, growing your business, and developing new contacts 
  • Installing an armed membrane: From practical work to development to installation in complex and/or special situations 

User-Friendly Online Ordering

We offer a highly successful online ordering portal at At SCP, we measure our success in the ever-growing confidence of our customers: Approved by more than 5,000 customers, our turnover continues to increase compared to 2020.

  • Convenient online ordering options: Our website is constantly evolving to fill the requests and expectations of our customers. We are confident that when using it, it will simplify your orders, your accounting, the management of your site schedules and deliveries. It allows you to respond instantly to the needs of your customers. 
  • Popular POOL360 App: POOL360 is accessible everywhere your mobile device is. The app – available for Android, Windows Phone, IOS, and tablet – includes some of the most frequently used features of our online portal: 
    • Access to our inventory in real-time 
    • Ordering options 
    • Access items by reference to the commercial brochure, the leaflet, or the safety data sheets (all are downloadable and/or printable) 
    • Access to the spare parts list  
    • Access to equivalent products and proposals for additions 
    • Public price quotes to meet your immediate needs 
    • Access to your outstanding debts or your billing and order history, even after your project is complete 
  • Faster pick-up with priority drive: Your emergency is our emergency! We know how long your days are. That’s why we created the Priority Drive service to make your life easier. Place your order on POOL360, and your merchandise will be ready for pick-up within two hours at the Priority Drive counter of your chosen branch. 

Spare Parts Depot

For customers in search of spare parts, SCP Europe has two logistics depots to better serve you by significantly reducing your delivery times:

  1. Part Service Location (PSL): A centrally located warehouse is over 800m² and holds more than 2,500 references of spare parts in stock for the swimming pool and spa market. The convenience of this single repository for common and uncommon components ensures fast service, special advantageous shipping prices, and conditions from our shipping partners. Enjoy an online catalogue of spare parts with search functions and a large number of visuals. 
  2. Depot: Our depot for the spa, sauna, above-ground pool, and strategic product market is ideally located in the centre of France. This accessible location stores high-volume references for all the seasons must-haves, making it much more convenient to order what you need. Your end customers will benefit from shorter delivery times, so they can enjoy their leisure time rather than waiting to get their projects finished. 

When you order a spare part on POOL360, the stock will be marked SCP PSL.But rest assured that the management of orders coming from this depot is still handled by your local agency. That means you will continue to receive the standard of customer service that is a hallmark of SCP Europe.

Wellness Solutions

SCP Europe’s Wellness Department is a support service that provides commercial and technical advice for wellness/spa projects, community recreation areas, customised projects, and anything of a non-standard nature.

  • Private projects: We offer expertise across a wide variety of private wellness initiatives. Our professionals help customers enhance their offerings in spaces including: 
    • Spas 
    • Gyms 
    • Hotels 
  • Community Swimming Pools: Our advisors help guide the creation of unique recreation areas suitable for all ages. We offer guidance for installations such as:  
    • Camping 
    • Theme parks 
    • Condominiums 
    • Accommodation units 

Commercial Pool Solutions

SCP Europe has a department dedicated to collective swimming pools that manage projects in Europe. We’ve helped numerous pool builders set up swimming pools and wellness centers specially tailored to their unique requests. We understand the technical specifications and maintain strong relationships with vendor partners to make commercial pool installations successful.

  • The best partners: SCP Europe chooses only top-quality suppliers for dehumidifiers, consoles, cabinets, and central units for large swimming pools. We ensure that our strategic partners provide the robust, high-performance equipment needed across a wide range of commercial applications.  
  • Exclusive brands: We are committed to offering the top brands on the market, which are the result of close collaboration with our partner suppliers who are the best in the field. Our exclusive brands cover a wide range of products that allow you to differentiate yourself from your competition while relying on products specially designed and developed to meet the needs of your end customers. 
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