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2 SCP UK employees have successfully completed the ISPE course

We are proud to announce that two SCP UK employees have successfully completed the ISPE course, passing the exams and graduating as Certified Technicians from the ISPE (Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers based in UK) .The qualification allows the use of the institute’s recognized qualification and members can use the abbreviation TnISPE (Cert.) after their name.

  • Heather Brigden-Mclean -UK RIM/Regional Purchasing Manager, excelled in the exams and was awarded the top marks /and a trophy prize among all the entrants of the ISPE exams for 2022. There were approx. 60 people who sat for the qualification from all sectors of the industry and 25 succeeded.
  • Jessica Holt (After Sales Technician) was also successful in the exams and completed the course in the same 2022 batch of students.

This certification is industry benchmarked and recognized nationwide covering four main subjects broadly encompassing swimming pool engineering: Construction, Chemicals, Filtration and Heating.
The minimum requirement is a 50% pass mark in all four subjects and if successful gives the student the status of a Certified Technician.

This training involves a commitment and investment in home study mainly over the year before exams.

Training and self-improvement have always been the key to bettering oneself and SCP Pool UK has always encouraged its employees to do so as part of its “Employer of Choice” policy. The home study course was funded by SCP UK who also pay the necessary annual subscriptions to be a member of the Institute.
Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers (IPSE) was created in 1978 and has around 800 Members, Technicians and students altogether, from around 550 companies and Local Authorities.

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