Make a good start this spring with AquaFinesse®!

Make a good start this spring with the AquaFinesse® Hot Tub Limited Edition!

Spring has now arrived. For many people, this is a reason to restart the hot tub. Of course, it is important to clean it properly before taking it into use. Now we have the ideal product for this: the AquaFinesse SpaClean tablet.

AquaFinesse is a product that cares for the internal plumbing of the spa to remove all deposits that may pollute the spa over the long term. It reduces the usual disinfection requirements to one third.


Benefits for the bather

- The spa water is soft on the skin, it does not irritate it and does not dry it out.

- The use of chlorine as a supplement is possible because it is very low in dosage.

- No other chemical product is necessary in addition (anti-foam, anti-algae or water line cleaner are unnecessary), except for products for pH balance and Tac if necessary.

This spring, don't miss out on our offer!

In April and May we will be delivering an AquaFinesse limited edition box, containing an AquaFinesse SpaClean tablet*. A silver "limited edition" sticker on the outside of the box will indicate that it is a "limited edition". We hope that your customers will appreciate this promotion, and that it will generate more sales for you!


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*Limited edition, the promotion is valid while stocks last.

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