SCP and its partnership with Local piscine   

Waste recycling is a major issue for the environment and the protection of our planet...

Waste recycling is a major issue for the environment and the protection of our planet. Implementing effective recycling programs is therefore a major challenge for businesses and government. SCP has taken this issue to heart and has implemented a comprehensive recycling system for its branches' waste, including the sorting and recovery of ordinary industrial waste. However, SCP has not stopped there and has signed an innovative partnership with LOCAl Piscine for the recovery of out-of-service or unused pool robots.  
This partnership is unprecedented in the French swimming pool sector in terms of social and environmental responsibility (SER). The aim is to give a second life to these pool robots, which are often considered as end-of-life waste, by putting them back into working order. This recycling process is beneficial for several reasons:  

  • It reduces the amount of electronic and plastic waste that is often difficult to recycle and can have a negative impact on the environment. 
  • It reduces CO2 emissions because replacing these robots requires the production of new materials and therefore energy. 
  • It gives a second life to products that can still be used, thus limiting waste and unnecessary expenses. 

By signing this partnership with LOCAL Piscine, SCP France shows its commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility. The recycling of end-of-life or out-of-service pool cleaners is a concrete example of how to reduce the environmental impact of swimming pools.  This type of initiative is encouraging, and it is important that every company becomes more involved in this type of project in order to protect our planet for future generations. 

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