SCP Marketing Tool Book EN

Discover the Marketing Tool Book, a marketing tool presenting all the materials offered by SCP :

For several years now, SCP has been offering its customers a range of marketing and communication tools to help them promote their points of sale. 
These tools include all the media offered by SCP but also by our partner manufacturers. 

POS (Point of Sales) communication allows you to : 
- Highlight a product or a commercial offer; 
- Publicise a new product; 
- Organise the sales area; 
- To help memorize an advertising message. 
In the SCP Marketing Tool Book you will find Totems, POS displays, reception counters, display units, flags and window displays.... 
- The totem, a vertical panel that presents a brand, a product 
- Flags, indoor or outdoor, to delimit a product area 
- Kakemonos similar to the totem 
- Counter or shop displays with self-service products 

Promotional gifts 
In addition, you can also select a set of goodies, promotional gifts such as caps, T-shirts, etc. Promotional gifts are an essential element of your customer relations, demonstrating a real intention to the customer and allowing you to give a lasting image to your company. Who doesn't remember a company whose goodies are used daily by the prospect/customer or even by members of his family? 

Mockup or samples 
Some samples or mockup are also presented in this guide. These allow you to let the end consumer touch the products you sell or choose the colours of their liner. 
The mockup will also allow the final consumer to better visualise the effect of a cleaner in and around the pool. To test the ease of maintenance or cleaning of the filter. 

Printed or digital documentation/supports 
Finally, some of the printed or digital documentation is also presented in this reference guide with : 
- A list of some of the documentation/product selection tools 
- Websites where product/technical documentation can be downloaded 
- Links to sales support tools: Water analysis, water pump comparator, ..... 
The Marketing Tool Book is simply organised. Each brand/manufacturer is presented with all the marketing tools at your disposal. 
Please note that all these marketing tools are available from your SCP offices. 
Some of the products presented in the catalogue are free of charge, others are not. 
Ask your SCP sales representative or call your local branch. 
The catalogue is available on our website.

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