New Children's Pool at The Hotel Alambique De Ouro by SCP Pool Portugal

This year the hotel Alambique de Ouro inaugurated a new children's pool with a 640m² water park and several water features.

Equipped with several water mirrors, the Spa & Wellness Club at the hotel Alambique de Ouro is a renowned hotel unit located on the inside edge of Portugal. With the aim of widening its offer, namely for the "family" client, the hotel complex inaugurated this year a new children's pool with a 640m2 water park and several water features.
The Hotel "O Alambique de Ouro", is a Hotel Unit of reference in the region of Fundão, Cova da Beira, with more than 20 years of experience in the art of hospitality and serving guests for leisure or business.

The Hotel complex offers a range of services, allowing for a variety in experiences, including: a large leisure area with various water features, Spa & Wellness Club, modern and fun event rooms, and a restaurant considered a gastronomic reference in the region.

In order to expand its portfolio and to satisfy more "family-oriented" guests, a children’s water park was built, featuring several water games and features. After strict collaboration between the hotel management, the company Cenário Perfeito and SCP Pool Portugal / Wellness Expert, the project was developed with a capacity for 100 children, boasting visual attractiveness, dynamism in water movement and safety for swimmers.

The project location was chosen near the existing swimming pools so that the whole family can enjoy the space at an adjoining convenient location. Next to this new water park, guests can also enjoy a new playground.

The water attraction, with the theme "Under the Sea", have been selected in order to allow children from 5 to 12 years of age to play in total safety, in a water surface with about 640 m2 of asymmetrical beach type, up to a maximum depth of 40 cm.

In order to support the fixing of all the water activities and the hundreds of meters of plumbing, the swimming pool was built in projected concrete, with a reinforced bottom.




Hotel Alambique de Ouro

Opening Date:

18 August 2020


Promoter of the work:

Hotel Alambique de Ouro


Architect Ricardo Campos / Engº Domingos Coxo

Construction company:

Cenário Perfeito, Lda.

Execution project:

SCP / Cenário Perfeito, Lda.

Work direction:

Paulo Subtil (Cenário Perfeito, Lda.)

Construction of swimming pools:

Cenário Perfeito, Lda.

Start date of the work:

17 September 2019

Date of completion:

14 August 2020

Entry into service:

18 August 2020

Total construction area:

Water surface 640 m2, Total implantation area 2.500 m2



Maximum depth 40 cm with beach entrance.

Water SURFACE (area)/Volume:

640 m2 / 130 m3


100 - 120

Water temperature:

No heating

Water treatment:

Chlorine, pH control and automatic dosing


Swimming pool equipment



Water treatment:



Hayward / Pentair

Pumps and pipes:

Aquaram / Saci / Hayward

The lining chosen was a multi-coloured "Aquabright", providing fun environment that can adapt to the shape of the pool without cuts or breaks.

A water drain tower, with a total height of about 10 meters, made of high resistance galvanized iron structure and 5 water drains, made of fiberglass and polyester, as well as several water sets inserted in the tower, with a constant water flow of m3/h. The entire infectious zone of the tower has its own fences in order to prevent children from circulating accessing it. For the shallow area children can enjoy over 20 water games, including: "Water Spray", 3 mushrooms of 2 meters diameter and several water jets, moving many m3 of water. In the beach area, jets were placed at the bottom of the pool to give water movement.

The water supply for the slip tower and water games is provided by 3 high flow pumps, controlled with variable speed drives. All water supplies for the pumping systems, including the filtration system, have been sized and placed in places without access to users, and is therefore child friendly.

A water circulation, filtration and treatment system was used to ensure excellent water quality, even with the presence of more than 100 people simultaneously for several hours. The filtration system consists of 5 high-performance, energy-efficient variable speed pumps and 5 high-performance filter units, with a medium glass filter, all of which can work simultaneously or alternately during periods of reduced use. The water is circulated with bottom injectors and 70 meters of hidden gutter, with capacity to endure large flows. As for the chemical treatment, a chlorine and pH control panel with ampero-metric cell was used.

In the end, it was possible to create a large, fun, energy-efficient children's area with attractive colours, which create greater value and differentiation for this hotel complex.

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