Summit 2020 declared a success. Now we can go on!

The Summit 2020 event organized by Monterey in collaboration with Assopiscine on 9/10 November was a great success thanks also to the numerous and careful participation between participants and the public.

We are talking about "1,000 visitors to the virtual platform, 2,000 spectators for the 16 hours of live coverage, 93,681 people reached from the Facebook @Blusummit2020 page".

It has been 2 intense days of online meetings, direct and interviews, work sessions and much more...

The first meeting was dedicated to:

  • Confederation of enterprises in the aquatic world
  • The swimming pool market today and new opportunities
  • Comparing experiences, new technologies and connectivity
  • ESG: Environmental Social and Governance

The meeting saw the participation of important representatives of the entire "water" supply chain as well as representatives of sports and political institutions.

The second day was focused on the pool market and Assopiscine. It was introduced by the interview of Ms. Sylvia Monfort, Director of SCP Europe, who stressed the importance of the demand for swimming pools which, as we know, has increased exponentially this year. The type of pools requested today has changed: customers are asking for fully-equipped and premium level pools, although smaller than in the past with a higher economic value.  At the same time, we are witnessing a growth and democratization: a wider segment of the population is approaching these products that concern both swimming pools and wellness. Quality and high quality products, connectivity and the most environmentally friendly products are in high demand. The other market that is developing considerably today is that of spas and wellness, and we must not forget online sales, which have increased considerably.

A positive message for our sector, for the coming years.

Also on the second day the main issues addressed were:

  • The pool market
  • The future of living as an experience
  • Operator 4.0
  • Why Assopiscine

During the day, not only all the critical issues related to the period we are living, but also all the prospects and opportunities facing the future of our supply chain... of the whole supply chain have emerged...

From presentations, to discussions, from comments to proposals the discussions moved on to the concrete, starting from the shared concepts of:

  • Making system
  • Inclusion
  • Teaming up
  • Chain
  • Confindustria water industry
  • Environmental and economic sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Training
  • Certification
  • Norms
  • Pool 4.0
  • Sharing

An in-depth market analysis prepared by Assopiscine was shared to show the starting point, current positioning, prospects and trends in Italy. The project is only at the beginning, we will continue to work to collect updated and increasingly reliable data, useful for the Association and all market players.

Starting from the awareness that together we can do it, Assopiscine aims to protect the interests of the category in order to achieve the objectives that have been expressed during the two days. Unfortunately, until now, in Italy, it has been difficult to create a confederation of this kind and the actions necessary to achieve these goals have not been concretely implemented, which is not the case abroad. As we could see from the interviews broadcast during the first day, the Associations of the same type in America, France and Spain... have been working actively for several years.

So let's work together to reach all the targets with ally "WATER FORCE and VALUE" (CIT. Ferruccio Alessandria, President Assopiscine).

Thanks to all those who have collaborated, brought and shared their testimony.

Thanks to those who have committed themselves to organize and contributed to the success of such an articulated event that has seen the participation of all the representatives of the supply chain at all levels. Our compliments go to Ferruccio Alessandria and Fabrizio Rampazzo.

In particular, our sales manager SCP Italy ML closed the 2 days. Why Assopiscine?  To create a confederation is the purpose of the association, to make a team and make a system, until today it has always been difficult, but now it seems very important. Massimiliano Lunari, who is part of the Assopiscine board of directors, recalled that in Italy there are many excellencies, both small and large. He emphasized, resuming what are the goals that the association aims to achieve, the direction towards which we must and can go after that, as we could see from all the speakers' speeches, being united and looking all in the same direction will help us to achieve in practice a collaboration with the institutions, participation and greater decision-making power at the institutional tables that matter.

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