The 5th edition of the ISC & Vendor Showcase was held over 3 days in Monaco

After the 4th edition which took place in 2017 in Croatia, on the occasion of the acquisition of the new SCP Adriatica agency, the 5th edition of the International Sales Conferences & Vendor Showcase took place at the Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel in Monaco on 25, 26 and 27 November 2019.

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After the 4th edition which took place in 2017 in Croatia, on the occasion of the acquisition of the new SCP Adriatica agency, the 5th edition of the International Sales Conferences & Vendor Showcase took place at the Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel in Monaco on 25, 26 and 27 November 2019.

Sales teams, management, clients and partners of SCP Europe gathered together

During these 3 days, the management of SCP Agencies from 8 countries (France, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Benelux, Germany and Croatia), the technical and operational sales teams, the management of POOLCORP US, the world's leading manufacturers in the Pool and Wellness industry, as well as SCP partner brands and customers from France, Italy and Croatia, met to attend an intense and carefully prepared program by SCP Europe.

In total, more than 340 guests from all over Europe, but also from the USA, China, Israel and Australia were able to exchange ideas and prepare for the future challenges that await them.

They also properly celebrated the 20th anniversary of SCP France, in the presence of many customers invited for the occasion!

A vision of the future presented by both Sylvia Monfortand Peter Arvan

With her characteristic enthusiasm and conviction, Sylvia Monfort, Managing Director of SCP Europe, together with Peter Arvan, President and CEO of POOLCORP (US parent company), welcomed those present and declared the 5th ISC open.

"20 years already! and only 20 years since SCP France, after SCP UK, started its obstacle course in Europe. Since then, so much has happened; and thanks to your incredible commitment to our business and the remarkable efforts of our local teams, SCP has become one of the most recognized and respected B2B distribution companies in France and Europe. Thank you.

New competitive players and new rules are appearing in our markets, forcing us to step out of our comfort zone and reinvent ourselves to earn and maintain our leadership position.

New technologies, a new generation connected products, innovative ranges, the growing search for energy savings, low consumption devices and every day, more demanding and informed customers. We want to work closely with you to implement the highest standards of quality, technological innovation and service to enable our industry to grow according to our criteria of excellence.”

Peter Arvan said:

"The biggest competitive advantage we have is our footprint. The one thing that can bridge that footprint is technology."

Clearly defined areas of development

During the opening session but also during the conferences, SCP Europe's development axes were presented: acceleration of investments and development of the collective swimming pool and Wellness equipment markets.

Numerous partners were present on the exhibition area

Throughout these studious days, participants were able to visit the stands of the 47 exhibiting partner brands (6 new entrants this year), attend conferences, technical training and meet their preferred suppliers, during quality exchanges.

The Best Sales Center rewarded

During these three very professional days, time was set aside for the presentation of awards, including those reserved for Spain for Best Sales Center Europe and Rodez, best agency in France. It was also the time to welcome the new graduates from the integrated training centre SCP France Academy, which aims to train the elite of tomorrow's profession.

The key words of the event : Professionalism and conviviality

If the tone was professional, throughout these 3 days, the atmosphere was no less friendly and punctuated by festive moments: sunny lunches, offered on the terrace facing the sea, celebration of SCP France's 20th anniversary, on-stage entertainment prepared by the SCP teams and a gala dinner, all of which ended with an explosion of bright and colourful fountains, as well as a sound and light show around the magnificent outdoor swimming pools.

In conclusion, a very successful event in the Principality of Monaco and an edition that was particularly appreciated and unanimously acclaimed by all participants for its flawless organisation and the quality of the meetings allowed. All this, thanks in particular to the work of the Marketing Europe teams, under the direction of Eric Galais, with the logistical support of the SCP AIX agency teams.

This will be a landmark event in the history of SCP Europe, which, with its teams and partners, is resolutely looking to the future.


All the participants gathered in front of one of the swimming pools of the Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel in Monaco.


Sylvia Monfort Managing Director of SCP Europe


Peter Arvan President and CEO of POOLCORP at the 5th edition of SCP Europe ISC


The 5th edition of the ISC of SCP Europe


One of the conferences of the 5th edition of the ISC of SCP Europe


The team of the SCP Spain agency, Best Sales Center, with Sylvia Monfort


The SCP Rodez agency team, Best agency in France, with Jean-Louis Albouy


Davey: Best SCP Supplier Europe 2019


Sylvia Monfort and Jean-Louis Albouy

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