The 6 core values that unite SCP’s teams

Read on and find out about these six values, which underpin everything we do. They are the result of months of thought and discussion, and they form the foundation of the relationship which we want to build with every one of our clients.

  • A culture of service is at the very heart of SCP

We’re distributors.  This means that each and every employee at SCP must, first and foremost, provide all of our clients with an exceptional quality of service.  We must always seek ways to achieve excellence and boost our effectiveness.

  • Solidarity

We prize solidarity and cohesion among our teams within the company, but as distributors we must also form a united, cohesive partnership with our suppliers and our clients.

  • Commitment

We are strongly committed to our relationships with our partners. This is the drive and the desire to progress and succeed alongside our partners. Our teams are proud to be part of the SCP family, driving them to take on more responsibility and take the initiative.

  • Performance

Our teams have instilled a culture of achievement, triumph and competition.  The results we achieve ensure that our clients, suppliers and employees choose to stick with us over the long term.

  • Respect

Our teams are all bound by the virtues of loyalty, integrity, honesty and discipline.  This reinforces the trust and loyalty of our clients, suppliers and employees, and is maintained by a strong sense of humility and a desire for self-improvement.

  • Pleasure

The easiest way to produce great work is to love what you do. We work better when we’re happy and when coming to work is a pleasure, not a chore. Friendship, cohesion and dialogue are the keys to success for our teams, allowing them to give 100% for our clients.

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