An exceptional year for the 5th edition of the International Sales Conferences & Vendor Showcase

Here's what to remember from the 5th meetings between sales teams, management, customers and partners of SCP Europe.

Sylvia Monfort, what is your assessment of this latest edition?

Sylvia Monfort: "For this event co-organized every 2 years by SCP Europe with the help of the SCP agency of the country of election (SCP France this year), we try each time to gather all our guests for 3 days in a unique place, adapted by its configuration to our requirements and specifications, including Showcase, conferences and societal events.

This task is proving more and more difficult due to the growing number of our partners, the different countries involved, and the number of stands and teams registered.

This year, we also celebrated the 20th anniversary of SCP France. So we also invited many clients and chose to celebrate this anniversary in the magical place that is Monaco!"

How SCP Europe anticipates trends in the swimming pool market

Some highlights?

S.M: "We were pleased to count on the increased presence of suppliers and PCS teams. This is the first time we have reached the figure of 47 suppliers and more than 350 participants in total. As for the increase in the number of teams present, it is due to the opening of new branches, the acquisitions made recently and the significant investments in human resources that we have made in all our EU branches to gain market share, tackle new business niches or provide a better service to our customers.

Another highlight for this 2019 edition is that it announces the strengthening of our activities on the public swimming pool, in particular through our new partners present. We were already involved in this segment, but now our weight and efficiency will be consolidated in this area, thanks to the more complete ranges on offer and the expertise of our new dedicated teams.

Finally, our technical teams will also be strengthened to better support our customers, particularly on the theme of these 3 days, "the development of new technologies" and "the arrival of a new generation of devices", closely linked to automation and environmental protection.

We were able to observe these strong trends on the exhibitors' stands, which were very representative of the evolution of the market and the expectations of today's consumers. With, at the base, important human and technological investments required from our partners and our teams."

SCP France, 20 years of presence on the Swimming Pool and Well-being market

What do you take away from those 20 years?

S.M : "As Jean-Louis ALBOUY pointed out, I remember the beautiful trajectory that we have traced since our 20 years of presence on the Swimming Pool and Wellness market in France. And above all, the perseverance and investments that we have been able to demonstrate and which have enabled us to create a trigger at the European level.

That is to say, that of succeeding in preserving human and service values, while maintaining certain requirements for results and establishing efficient processes and good practices.

All this of course, thanks to the support of PoolCorp, our parent company, which has given us a great deal of independence, while allowing us to impose our Distributor model.

Finally, what satisfaction to see happy and motivated teams and committed and supportive partners!"

Any wishes for the next few years?

S.M: "To continue to develop on the main European markets as a pure B2B Distributor through the opening of new branches, local agencies, acquisition projects and strengthened partnerships, in order to offer our professional customers the best services, as well as support adapted to new technologies."

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