Pump and cleaner introductions from SCP

Among the new products from pool and spa distributor SCP are a variable-speed pump and an automatic pool cleaner.

Unfiltered water encourages the accumulation of impurities and the growth of bacteria in your pool.

The pool filtration system is the lifeblood of the pool, purifying the pool by regularly renewing the water in the pool, leaving it clear, healthy and pure.

The first equipment developed for filtration is the Superpool II VS, a high-efficiency variable-speed pump billed as ideal for both new pool construction and replacement.

Featuring an integrated controller with touch-sensitive buttons for real-time information display, the pump offers three programmable speeds in 10rpm increments for precise adjustment of the pump flow, as well as ideal filtration rate settings with 24-hour circulation.

Meanwhile the PV50S automatic pool cleaner from Hayward, equipped with their own filtering system, operates autonomously without any external power supply to clean the floor and slopes of the pool , thanks to its turbines. Therefore, debris that would normally pass through the pool filter is instead collected by the pool cleaner.

SCP says that the unit’s exclusive guidance system and spiral motion prevent the cleaner from jamming. Advanced ‘pod propulsion’ eliminates the need for wheels and belts, giving consistent performance and long life.

The PV50S is described as ‘quiet’, and is said to be easy to install with no tools required.


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