Safe Swimming in Pools

The swimming pool is the best place to learn to swim as it combines all of the most favorable conditions to take the water for the first time :

no waves, no current and clear water.

However, the learning process must be supervised by an adult who must be vigilant at all times. Regardless of the protection systems in place and the type of water concerned, a responsible adult is the more able to ensure the safety of children through the vigilance employed in supervising them, the protective equipment they provide for them, allowing them to learn to swim early and teaching them safety tips.

Habits to adopt with children

  • Only swim when there is an adult present
  • Provide children with adjusted armbands
  • Have a pole, a lifebuoy and a telephone close by
  • Do not leave toys in the pool after it has been vacated
  • Keep water treatment products out of the reach of children

Find in the documentation below some advice regarding law, common-sense and Habits to adopt with children : Safe swimming in pools

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