An incredible International Sales Conference!

SCP Europe had the pleasure to hold its 4th International Sales Conference hosted in Rovinj, Istria, Croatia. SCP chose Rovinj among other destinations to celebrate its most recent acquisition E Grupa in Croatia.

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Attending the ISC is an outstanding opportunity to:

  • Showcase and share information on new vendors’ products with key decision makers
  • Meet face-to-face with managers and sales representatives across Europe
  • Build strong professional relationships

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SCP’s leitmotiv during those 3 days: On the road again! How come? After a few years of necessary internal consolidation and as a true added value distributor, SCP is ready for future growth again!

The ISC started with an opening session led by Sylvia Monfort, SCP’s European General Manager. She introduced the new associates of the firm and presented the new acquisition of E Grupa and Intermark in Malaga (Spain), now respectively SCP Adriatica and SCP Malaga. Manny Perez de la Mesa, Poolcorp’s CEO, also spoke and presented his pool management philosophy. It was also an opportunity for SCP to introduce Pete Arvan, Poolcorp’s new Chief Operating Officer who shared his vision for the company.

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The opening session was followed by 3 days of conferences, showcases, and entertainment. Vendors, sales representatives and other decision makers had the opportunity to connect, share, build relationships and discuss the future of the swimming pool business.

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Entertainment was also at the heart of the 4th edition as it was an ideal opportunity to build strong professional relationships and eventually future business too.

The first evening was dedicated to:

  • The Croatian culture: associates were introduced to the new Croatian team but they also experienced traditional Croatian dances, music and meals.
  • Rewarding SCP’s 10 and 15 year old associates for their time with SCP.


The 2nd evening was dedicated to rewarding the Best Sales Center. This year, Portugal won the award after Spain in 2016.

The last evening was dedicated to SCP's preferred vendors. The firm took the occasion to reward its best vendors of the year.

It was also an opportunity to congratulate the winners of the Busatta competition, a competition taking place in Italy and rewarding SCP Italy’s best customers by offering them their journey to the ISC.


Those 3 days have been best described by some participants:

“Thanks for having given us the opportunity to share and exhibit our products with all your teams in Europe. Our partnership will be more solid and stronger in 2018.”

SCP Europe would like to thank all the vendors who attended this 4th edition. Thanks to their professionalism and dedication to SCP Europe, this 4th ISC has been a remarkable event.


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