Pool Systems Continues Growth with Acquisition of Newline Pool Products

Pool Systems Continues Growth with Acquisition of Newline Pool Products

Pool Systems Pty Ltd (Pool Systems) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Newline Pool Products (Newline) with effect from 3 July 2017. The acquisition continues Pool Systems strategic growth in the wholesale distribution of pool supplies in Australia.

The union of Pool Systems and Newline will establish a significant player in the wholesale market for pool supplies in Australia. “This announcement is great news for our customers, employees and suppliers. We are undoubtedly stronger together than we are apart”, commented Adrian Wischer, Managing Director of Pool Systems.

“The acquisition increases both the scale and scope of the combined entity, which will result in benefits for all stakeholders.”

Nathan De Candia, founder and Managing Director of Newline, will continue to lead the Newline business. There will be no foreseeable change for customers, who will continue to deal with either Pool Systems or Newline, just as they do now. “Celebrating our 25th anniversary, joining Pool Systems provides us with new opportunities to expand products and services over time, bringing value to our customers, employees and suppliers” commented De Candia. “I am very excited to join the Pool Systems team.”

About Newline and Pool Systems

Newline was established in 1992, and has a branch in south western Brisbane. The business has been owned and operated by Nathan de Candia throughout this period. The business has grown considerably in recent years, supplying the retail, service and construction segments of the pool market.

Pool Systems commenced in 1983, and has grown to become the largest pool products distributor in Australia. Pool System’s reach extends throughout Australia, with branches along the eastern seaboard in north Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney & Melbourne, offering a broad range of approximately 15,000 lines both domestically and to North America and Europe through export. For more information on Pool Systems, please visitPool Systems Website. Pool Systems is wholly owned by Pool Corporation (Poolcorp). Poolcorp is the world's largest wholesale distributor of swimming pool and related backyard products. As of March 31, 2017, Poolcorp operated 344 sales centers in North America, Europe, South America and Australia through which it distributes more than 160,000 national brand and private label products to roughly 100,000 wholesale customers. For more information about POOLCORP, please visit www.poolcorp.com.

Pool Systems Acquisition of Newline Pool Products

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