SCP EU Water treatment Product manager NOW on BOARD

Sébastien Chigot has officially joined SCP EU team

SCP is pleased to inform you that Sébastien Chigot has officially joined SCP EU team as our New Water treatment Product Manager since Feb 18th.

Based in Massy, reporting to Sylvia Monfort, Sebastien has a solid experience in water treatment and chemical supply chain after several years working as Sourcing manager at ARCH/ LONZA and more recently at SVPC, a French Chemical company.

He is quite Knowledgeable about the complete range of products, with solid background at Chemistries Purchase and supply chain and has already established strong relationships with some of you during his past years’ experience.

Sébastien will be a great help at the time to expand SCP chemical and Water treatment business in Europe both for residential, commercial and Spa markets applications.

He will work in close relationships with EU Marketing to continue to grow and improve our tools, software, marketing programs and Social media communication and review packaging and labelling for further improvements.

He will also be in charge for everything related to norms compliance, regulations and safety registration and will be involved at everything related to customers training and sales support.

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